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Mermaid / Trumpet V-Neck Long / Floor-Length Evening Dress

Style # ED9964

List Price: US$ 379.98
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Event : Prom, Pageant, Evening
Style : Modern & Chic, Elegant & Luxurious, Glamorous & Dramatic, Sexy, Gorgeous / Maxi, Formal
Silhouette : Mermaid / Trumpet
Embellishments : Beaded, Crystal, Sequins, Slit
Neckline : V-Neck
Train : Sweep / Brush Train
Body Shape : Misses, Hourglass, Slender
Length : Long / Floor-Length
Waistline : Natural Waist
Straps & Sleeves : Non-Strapless
Back Details : Zipper, Open Back / Backless
Season : Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer

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