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Comparison with Imitators on details to find out the privilege of Choosing Helenebridal.com for Haute Couture gowns

Nowadays, some websites are using the same images as Helenebridal.com to sell their low-quality dresses, Even worse, they use the Helenebridal.com brand image to confuse customers into buying dresses from them.

Attention please: do only buy the dresses from actual Helenebridal.com website. These other fraud and untrustworthy website can not provide satisfied and high-quality dresses, to result in a big trouble is what they will bring to you.

Helenebridal.com website has its own experienced designers and skilled dressmakers in China while using the most advanced production techniques to cater to our Haute couture designing. Our factory makes all of the dresses after getting your payment, Helenebridal.com possesses the most efficient tools to operate between customers with staffs.

1. Fabric

Helenebridal.com use the below fabrics:
Satin: 395 Taiwan Satin, which is very smooth but heavy, easy to iron and wash, it has a natural glossy shine, it is heavier than other types of satin with an extra 30-35g/m2, the most important is not easy to be wrinkled. The classic thick satin always can keep the style of the dress in a long time to embody Lady's maturity and elegance.

Taffeta: Crisp and smooth, with a slight rib,Taffeta is smooth but more lighter than satin fabric, it more likes to change into different amazing colors under different angles of light refraction! it keeps static-free after many times of washing and it dyed in technology of environmental protection, will not affect the human's health.

Elastic Silk-like Satin
: 8003 Taiwan Elastic Silk-like Satin, A lightweight hybrid of silk or polyester and rayon woven into a satin finished with elastic on, it is easy to be stretched and fluent smoothly to cater to the body, thinner and more sheen than satin fabric, it keeps static-free after many times of washing and it dyed in technology of environmental protection, will not affect the human's health. 

Artificial Silk
: 8001 Taiwan Artificial Silk, Similar to a raw silk, characterized by its delicate/soft texture and sheen reflected under light refraction, it is thinner, more sheen and more flexible than satin fabric.

: 8009(100D) Chiffon, named Georgette in France, Delicate, sheer, and transparent, with a soft finish. Often layered because of its transparency, it is suitable at summer season due to the feature of breathe freely and it keeps static-free after many times of washing and it dyed in technology of environmental protection, will not affect the human's health.

: 2040 Taiwan Organza, Crisp and sheer like chiffon, with a stiffer texture, but more flowing than tulle, it shows little bit different amazing effect under different angles of light refraction! The surface of Organza is so smooth and transparent as a mirror, not easy to be wrinkled.

: Netting(just like ballerina Tutus): it is much more soft and transparent than organza, The surface of Tulle is so smooth and transparent as a mirror, not easy to be wrinkled.

2. Inside Lining

Helenebridal.com uses a thinner comfortable fabric to be the lining fabric touch the skin, there are hard net lining between the dress fabric and the lining fabric if the skirt need to be puffy, so even if you do not wear a petticoat, the dress will still look stylish and great on you.

The imitator only use very poor fabric for the lining that has no style, wrinkle easily and counts bad stitching among its many problems.

3. Embroidery
Helenebridal.com makes the embroidery by skilled hand-workers who have more than 10 years experience on handwork, so the embroidery techniques are look vivid and compact.

The imitators make the embroidery in poor and unimpressive appearance of stitching, the end is easy to come loose.

4. Appliques
Helenebridal.com tumbles in the appliques by the special technique to make it looks belong to the dress, can not notice any flaw.

The imitator inset the applique on the fabric will easily reveal the trims and has not cut cleanly and vividly itself and maybe cut from lace fabric.

5. Beaded
Helenebridal.com uses the high quality beads which can be reserved for many years, and still remain in bright color, all of the beads on dress are exquisitely made by hand.

The imitators sewed the beads loosely and no stylish, and no massiness.

6. Fish Bones and Built-in Pad
The dresses from Helenebridal.com have bodices that are really well-made, perfect for different styles and sizes. There are even 7 fish bones on the front and 6 fish bones on the back to make sure the dress holds its shape. The bones are capped so they do not push through the lining and they follow your curves to add support and make your body look great, even without bra. we put the built-in breast pad to make curve when dress on, so you do not need to put bra on.

The imitators do not put much thought into the bodice and they do not use fish bones, their dresses are just flat and lack any design to speak of.


7. Zipper Seam
The dress from Helenebridal.com is all seamed inside, the work is inconvenient but it is beautiful and comfortable to wear.

The imitators make the zipper seams are exposed, the workmanship is simple and rough, and it is not comfortable to wear.

8. Hem
Helenebridal.com makes the hem in double layer, which is one more layer of cloth, the lock sewing is put inside, looks both simple and high-grade.

Imitators make the hem in single layer and rough work, only a simple side of a lock sewing.

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