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Modification Policy

Once you placed an order (no matter it is paid or unpaid), you can modify nothing by yourselves online, If you still want to modify that depend on the conditions below:

1. Unpaid orders will be suggested to reorder a new one if you want to modify other thing, because we do hope our customers can recheck their orders carefully by themselves.

2. We hope you can understand that modification after payment is a kind of delay on processing your order and the tailored fabrics is a kind of wasting that can not be reused, So we do not hope any modification in principle. That is why we keep telling our customers to check twice when placing an order.

3. Order's modification within 24 hours of payment confirmation will be handled differently, Modification after 24hours will be considered to be Cancellation, please in accordance with Cancellation Policy!

We list all of the possibilities of modification, Please email us emergently if you want to modify:

 Modification on Order  Within 12 hours
after Payment
 12 -24 hours
after Payment
 Address Modification

 Free, Please Email us!

 Color Modification  Free  Pay 30% upon dresses price
 Processing Time Modification  Pay / Refund price difference  Pay / Refund price difference
 Size Modification
 Standard to Custom  Only US$39.99Free Now!  Pay 30% upon dresses price
 Standard to Plus  Pay Plus-Size Fee  Pay 30% upon dresses price + Plus-Size Fee
 Standard to Standard  Free  Pay 30% upon dresses price
 Custom to Custom  Free  Pay 30% upon dresses price
 Custom to Standard  Free  Pay 30% upon dresses price
 Custom to Plus  Free  Pay 30% upon dresses price + Plus-Size Fee
 Plus to Plus  Free  Pay 30% upon dresses price
 Plus to Custom  Free  Pay 30% upon dresses price
 Plus to Standard  Refund the Plus-Size Fee  Pay 30% upon dresses price
 Change to more Top Crystals / Beads  Pay 30% upon dresses price  Pay 30% upon dresses price
 Add Embroidery / Appliques  Pay 30% upon dresses price
 Change the details of Design  Pay 50% upon dresses price
 Add Sash / Belt / Straps  Only US$29.99
 Add Beads / Sequins

 Pay 20% upon dresses price

 Modify Sleeves  Short to Long
 (Plain Fabric)
 Only US$29.99
 Short to Long
 (Plain Lace)
 Only US$39.99
 Short to Long
 (Lace with Beads)
 Only US$49.99
 Long to Short  Free  Only US$19.99
 Add Train
 Add Detachable Train
 Plain Fabrics  Pay US$39.99/Yard  Pay 30% upon dresses price + US$39.99/Yard
 Plain Lace  Pay US$49.99/Yard  Pay 30% upon dresses price + US$49.99/Yard
 Plain Lace with Embroidery / Appliques / Beads  Pay US$59.99/Yard  Pay 30% upon dresses price + US$59.99/Yard
 Remove Sash / Belt / Straps  Free  Only US$19.99
 Remove Shorten Train  Free  Only US$19.99
 Remove Embroidery / Appliques


 Remove Beads / Sequins
 Buy Fabrics  Plain Fabrics  Only US$29.99/Yard
 Plain Lace  Only US$39.99/Yard
 Plain Lace with Embroidery / Appliques / Beads  Only US$49.99/Yard
 Add Items  Pay price difference  Pay price difference
 Exchange the Item  Pay / Refund price difference  Pay 30% upon dresses price + Pay / Refund price difference



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