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Wedding dress may be idled after the wedding, do you ever think how to maintain it? Wedding dress' maintenance is different from other precious clothes, you only need to know the following tips.


1. Iron before wearing. Hang the dress on hanger, slightly press with steam iron to soft and stretch the fabric.
2. Carefully put on or take off to avoid any breakage.
3. Put a towel under and scrub the dirt with white vinegar or detergent, if the dress is split by wine or champagne; then, dry with paper towel to avoid any dirt.
4. Big garment bag or specific packet is required to store the dress. Do away with ultraviolet rays and ozone after use.

Washing: Professionally clean before storing:

When you wash the dress, wet cleaning is the key, A white wedding gown with long storage time is easy to be yellow, Because the wedding dress has small decorations, such as beaded trim. They can not endure dry cleaning chemical's corrosion.
1. Do not wash the dress in a washing machine, but wash it in the one especially for wedding dresses.
2. Toothbrush with detergent is necessary for partial dirt. Hand wash for wide area of dirt.
3. Laundry: Wash as soon as possible after use. Immerse and soak by soft neutral detergent water. It can wash away the wine and oil, Bubble for a while, even invisible stains such as sweat stains can be removed. Machine wash, dehydrate and expose it in the sunshine is forbidden. Wedding dress will become brittle after sun exposure. Embellishment of beads, crystals, appliqués and decorative flowers will fall off easily.
Note: Neutral detergent only. Downy after wash keeps dress soft.
4. Dry-clean: Dry-clean is required for silk, acetate fiber, rayon and wool. Skilled laundry is necessary carefully check after clean.


1. Turn inside out when drying.
2. Spread the wedding dress instead of hanging.
3. Hang out are forbidden.


1. Put one hand into the dress to hold the waist and turn it over.
2. Spread the dress on the floor. Fold the two sides of dress into the middle like a rectangle.
3. Get the dress from the train to waist, and them put it into a bag.
4. Spread the wedding dress instead of hanging.


After washing and drying out the wedding dress. The dresses should be stored in a cool dry place, for example a closet or under the bed. Remember not to hang up the wedding dress, because the dress will become longer and tearing under the vertical force day by day. Wedding dress skirt should be reversed in torsion, and when you bask the dress every year, you need make the skirt in restitution, do not let it lose elasticity. the Underskirt that can be twisted for easy conservation meets regular restitution.


1. Way of folding the Underskirt: Hold ends of the diameter of Underskirt and twist it into 8 shapes, then draw it in a circle. Fold the Underskirt one time for fastness. Fold the yarn to the middle.
2. Second is before the collection of wedding you must wash your hands. Don't make them with cosmetics, or after a long time there will be a small yellow spot on the wedding dress. Remember that after using you should have ozone disinfection, Such tips can make your Wedding Dresses remain new and beautiful. And it will be the best memory in your life. You can often recall the moment when you wear the amazing dress and say” Yes”. If you have a daughter, you can give your dress to her. I think it is the best present that mom can give to her daughter. It represents happiness will be passed to next generation.

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