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Knowing your body shape is the key to successful dressing, no matter what trends or fashion fads are happening. Stick to the rules and you'll never be stuck for something to wear again!

Please note these guidelines only take into account your horizontal and vertical body shapes. The recommendations may change based on other features such as your age, your weight, your face shape, your neck length and any figure flaws you may have.

Body Shape Guide for Different Figures
Petite Shaped Figure, Slender Shaped Figure, Apple Shaped Figure, Hourglass Shaped Figure, Inverted Triangle Shaped Figure, Pear Shaped Figure, Rectangle Shaped Figure, Busty Shaped Figure.

Guide for Petite Shaped Figure
A petite shaped body does not just mean "short"; it can also mean that you are slight all over. Luckily, the high street caters more and more for petite women but you can also select clothes from regular ranges---just follow our Fashion Tips to find out how to dress up for your body shape.

Fashion Tips
1. "At under 5'3", petite women can feel overlooked" says designer of gowns. "One way to get noticed is to bare some flesh---not in a crass, sexy way, but simply so your clothes do not dominate you." You will look great in well-tailored, form-fitting clothes (nothing baggy) and showing lots of leg will make you look taller. Invest in a tailored jacket to give structure to your shape.
2. And less detail is usually more better too, avoid fuss and clutter, like pockets, pleats, pick-ups, ruffles and frills, as they all distract from the line of your clothes and will make you look shorter.
3. Dresses are your friends---opt for ones in a single color from shoulder to knee. Draw attention to the top half of your body with stripes and patterns, block colors on the bottoms half will elongate your figure. Avoid colors that are too 'girly' ---sugary pinks, lilacs etc---as they can appear childlike.
4. Use large but delicate accessories to help draw attention to the top half of your body, Hooped earrings are ideal.

Suggested styles:
V-neckline, Empire waist, Maxi-dress, Short-length, Mini-length, Knee-length
Avoid styles:
More than 2 colors from head to toe

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Guide for Slender Shaped Figure
Despite the fact that other women envy your figure, if you are a slender body shape, you might feel overlay boyish at times, Your fashion tip is to look for clothes that feminize your figure. You can carry off most styles, using details such as: ruching, ornate beadwork, ruffles, embroidery or patterns to give the appearance of a fuller chest..

Fashion Tips:
1. Look for clothes that will create volume, with details such as frills, fluted edges and ruffles.
2. If you want to create the impression of bigger boobs, look for chunky statement necklaces that fall around the bust area.
3. Stay away from clothes with a large print, as they can drown out your dainty features.
4. Draping will give soft lines across the body and will create volume in your more petite areas.
5. A padded-in bra can give you extra curves. You can also try bum-lifter underwear to create a rounder derriere.

Suggested styles:
Cowl Neckline, Strapless Sweetheart Neckline, Wide V-Neck, Jewel Neckline
Avoid styles:
V-Neckline, and do not wear anything too tight or clingy, it will make your frame appear more angular.

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Guide for Apple Shaped Figure

Of all the fruit in the fashion basket, the apple, with its rounded tummy and big bust, can be one of the most difficult to dress. Luckily you also often benefit from slim hips, a great bum and lovely legs. Find out how to make the most of your apple body shape with these expert Fashion Tips.

Fashion Tips:
1. Use clothes to sculpt your midriff, so it looks less like an apple and more like an apple core. At the same time, draw attention to your favorite bits---that cleavage those legs and anything else you really like.
2. Body Control Underwear will work wonders to define your middle area too, pulling you in at the waist.
3. Do not hide in puffy skirts. Show off your lovely legs with clip of skirt.
4. V-neckline and scoop-neckline are good for apple shaped ladies as you often have a great bust. Do not be afraid to show it off.
5. Use structured, tailored jackets to give definition to your upper body and show off good shoulders, Wraps are always a winner for an apple body shape as they fit nicely over a fuller bust. A side tie on the dress will draw attention away from the stomach. Drop earrings will draw attention to your lovely jaw line and face.
6. Do not be afraid to use color. Vibrant patterns will gloss over problem areas and strong block colors will accentuate your best bits. Think of a bright jacket with a patterned top underneath.

Suggested styles:
A-line, Ball-gown, Empire, Strapless, Sweetheart, V-Neckline, Scoop-Neckline
Avoid styles:
Mermaid/Trumpet style, any Slose-fitting and Skin-tight

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Guide for Hourglass Shaped Figure

Characterized by a curvy bust and hips with a slimmer waist, the hourglass body shape is often thought of as the ideal female body shape. To make the most of your gorgeous figure, read on for tips on dressing an hourglass.

Unfortunately, not all styles will flatter curvy bodies. High-fashion stores in particular can be a frustrating experience for hourglass women---the clothes often seem designed to fit "straight up and down" figures.

"Hourglasses may feel frustrated at not being able to wear ultra-fashionable styles, but certain items will always suit you, whether that is a fitted jacket, strapless dress or crisp shirt, and if you want to make a nod to fashion, you can do it with color, fabric and accessories"

Fashion Tips:
1. Use puff-sleeves or flower on a jacket to emphasis your shoulders. An A-line skirt teamed with a fitted top will mirror your fabulous hourglass shape. A peplum detail on a skirt creates a line down from the waistline to floor, which will exaggerate your curvy hips.
2. You can wear any shape skirt, but the Mermaid/Trumpet skirt is the most flattering on you. a simple skirt to reveal a little cleavage is wonderful.
3. Empire and natural waist with sash on will emphasis the curve of your hip without making your bottom half look big. Wear fitted clothes but make sure they are not too tight. Consider going one size up so your clothes really mirror your figure.

Suggested styles:
Mermaid/Trumpet, Sheath/column style, Empire waist, Basque Waist, Natural Waist, Sleeves Dress
Avoid styles:
Dropped Waist, Close-fitting and tight style

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Guide for Inverted Triangle Shaped Figure

Being an inverted triangle shape does not sound very sexy, but with your strong shoulders, narrow hips and slim legs, it is considered to be one of the most desirable types and it often seen on athletes and models.

Chances are you have got great legs, and can carry off a wide range of styles. The main aim is to create the illusion of an hourglass shape by discreetly adding volume around your hips to balance your broader top half, while flattering your shoulders.

Fashion Tips:
1. Avoid anything boxy, such as high-necked shift dresses and wide-cut or cropped jackets, plus anything billowy, they will make you look bigger. Instead, look for easy and common shaped necklines or any that cut a feminine curve into your shoulder line.
2. You really suit classic looks, such as sexy tailored jacket and sweeping dresses, so if you want to look up-to-date, go for on-trend colors.
3. Wear a ball gown or A-line to width the hip line and balance out broader shoulders. Make sure there is a belt on the waistline. Use block colors on the shoulders and avoid details on the shoulders as this can make you look bulkier, or show off your shoulders at all, the naked eye is drawn inward, making your waist look narrower.. Print can help add bulk and volume to your lower half, drawing the focus away from a broader upper body.
4. When it comes to neckline, look for details that will soften your shape, a scalloped neckline with beads will draw attention towards your cleavage, and away from strong shoulders.

Suggested styles:
Sheath/Column style, Empire, Ball Gown, A-Line, Halter, Strapless, One-Shoulder
Avoid styles:
Mermaid/Trumpet style, Dropped waist, Shoulder covered totally dress.

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Guide for Pear Shaped Figure

The pear body shape is the classic feminine silhouette, with hips, thighs or bum that are bigger than the upper half. So sometimes your bum probably does look big in this, but chances are you have slim shoulders and great boobs.

Pear shapes also have the advantage that when they put on weight it goes on their lower half, and the eye tends to take in the top half first.

Fashion Tips:
1. Show off your slim top half with strapless tops and dresses, A strapless maxi dress is a great buy, try and find one with a nipped-in waist and a flared skirt
2. Spaghetti and embellished strappy tops are your friend, because they show off your lovely arms, shoulders and decolletage.
3. Be wary of the length of your clothes, Choose jackets that cut off above the hip line for a flattering look. Look for skirts with front pleats. A-line skirts also work well as they make the waist look small, while swimming over the hips.
4. Minimize wide hips with dark block colors on your bottom half. Showcase your fantastic small waist with a thin belt across the smallest part. Invest in a good bra---a padded bra will add a few more cups and could give you a confidence boost.

Suggested styles:
Empire,A-Line,Ball Gown, Halter Straps, Tank Straps
Avoid styles:
Mermaid/Trumpet style, Dropped Waist, Strapless, Sheath/Column style

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Guide for Rectangle Shaped Figure

It means your shape looks athletic with bust and hips of approximately the same with. You have little or no waist definition. Because of your wide waist you might appear heavier on top than you really are and even if your stomach is flat. But one of the positive thing on being a rectangle shape is that you gain weight everywhere and lose it everywhere!

Fashion Tips: Your main goal should be to create a waist on your figure and add more width to your upper and lower part---transforming your body into a proportionate hourglass shape. You can either wear a dark colored wide belt around your waist or place a waist cinching shape wear underneath your clothes.

Suggested styles:
Sheath, Empire, A-Line, Ball Gown and Mermaid, Strapless
Avoid styles:
Mermaid/Trumpet, Close-fitting and Tight style

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Guide for Busty Shaped Figure

Selecting styles which suit a big bust can be a daunting task but the right choice will make you appear less top heavy and can take years off your figure. Elongate your upper body, while subtly showing off your curves by wearing tops that lift and separate your bust.

Fashion Tips:
1. Wide open necklines suit you as they break up the neckline and stop you looking top heavy-look for sweetheart, deep scoop and V-neckline.
2. Styles which nip in under the bust line lengthen your body and lift your bust giving you shape and definition.
3. Tops which are firm around the waist and are looser on the chest minimize the waist and give the illusion of a smaller bust
4. Wrap styles that diagonally cut through the bust separate the cleavage and elongate the neck, Opt for good shaping and simple lines on top keep the bust line uncluttered and fuss free.
5. 3/4 length sleeves are flattering as they deflect attention away from the bust line, Single jackets cut to the hip line accentuate your waist and give balance to your bust and hips.
6. A well fitting supportive bra is essential, a bra with a wide back strap stops overhang at the sides and back

Suggested styles:
A-line, Ball Gown, Princess, Square Necklines, V-Neck styles and Off the Shoulder
Avoid styles:
High-neck, Halter neck, Spaghetti Straps, Wearing tops with busy detailing will make the bust part complicated and too heavy!

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